Lover Management is a bespoke management company headed up by Helena Kate Whittingham.  
Network and connection are innate values of Lover. We work closely with our clients to produce intelligent and unique creative outputs on a case-by-case basis.  
Our work includes - but is not limited to - talent management, brand partnerships, growth strategy and development, media relations, styling, creative direction, event planning and production.   
We work with a diverse group of zietgiest’s, cultural commentators, DJs, content creators, producers, magazines and events.   
We believe in the notion of flexible management and we are currently working with: Poundland Bandit,Beam Me Up Softboi, Balamii RadioBig Mouth , Misery Party, Screen Shot Magazine, Pxssy Palace, Aisha Mirza , Nadine Artois, The White Pube , New Scenery Collective and XXY Magazine .   
Built on the idea of creative community, we are committed to creating tailored ways of working with people who inspire us.   
Lover is your biggest cheerleader. 

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